Forensic Audit

Forensic Audit

BDO has one of the most successful, experienced and innovative forensic and dispute advisory practices in Sri Lanka. Our forensic and dispute advisory team includes lead practitioners in dispute resolution, professional negligence, fraud and anti-corruption, forensic technology and valuation.

We provide a variety of services to organizations and their stakeholders. Our suite of services includes forensic analyses of books and records, computer forensics and data analytics. Our professionals’ posses sound technical and industry specific experiences in various sectors and industries. We are geared to respond quickly and proactively in situations which need to be flagged to the organization.

At BDO we maintain strict confidentiality of our clients’ information to safeguard the assets and reputation of our clients. Resolving the disputes is done with minimum disruption to the business and we also provide recommendations on how to implement effective controls to minimize the risk of recurrence. The BDO approach is designed to capture facts and analyse issues efficiently and to report on such matters with supporting evidence to assist the organization in any regulatory or judicial scrutiny.

The services we provide include;

  • Services focused on disclosure of accounting frauds, misappropriation and similar illegal situation or behavior inside the accounting unit
  • Verification and prevention of security incidents
  • Revision of internal control mechanisms against frauds
  • Revision of loyalty of employees and observance of companies ethics programs

Our specialist services include;

  • Expert witness and dispute advisory
  • Commercial dispute
  • Matrimonial dispute
  • Insurance claims
  • Fraud investigations
  • Asset investigations and tracing
  • Financial services disputes
  • Forensic technology

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