Digital Services

Digital Services

Why Sri Lanka for Digital Services?

Sri Lanka’s IT sector is renowned for providing cutting-edge ICT breakthroughs that power worldwide financial markets, telecommunications, and transportation networks in Europe, USA and the United Kingdom. The country's fourth-largest export is ICT services. With approximately 300 firms, the Sri Lankan ICT sector caters to a wide range of industry sectors. Communication, Apparel and Textiles, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Retailing, Transportation, Travel and Leisure, and a variety of other industries are among them. Sri Lanka's performance in ICT exports is evidenced by a steady increase in yearly figures. With a workforce of over 145,000, this sector's export income increased from US$ 166 million in 2006 to US$ 968 million in 2017. Has had a major influence on the expansion of the Sri Lankan economy, with over 90% value addition and high-paying jobs.

Sri Lanka's ICT industry is one of the most profitable businesses to date, thanks to a highly qualified labor pool and cost-effective operating ability (low-cost real estate, salary scale, and lifestyle).

Sri Lanka will become known for yet another interesting and noticeable aspect in the future: it will be Asia's preferred ICT Centre of Excellence.

  • Qualified IT human capital in the country
  • Top 20 Emerging Cities by Global Services Magazine
  • Currently estimated to be USD 1.2 billion with over 80,000 employees engaged in the industry
  • Sri Lanka’s knowledge services industry is the fifth largest export earner for Sri Lanka in 2018
  • Sri Lanka has won the ‘Outsourcing Destination of the Year’ accolade awarded by the National Outsourcing Association UK successively in 2013 and 2014
  • Sri Lanka is ranked among the Top 15 Global Outsourcing destinations by AT Kearney
  • Emerging as a global destination of choice for knowledge solutions


Our IT Service offerings and Products to the World

Due to lower cost of living index in the country when compared to first world countries, charge out rates of professionals in every field are much lower than most of the first world and even developing countries. BDO firms from other territories can be benefitted from this labour arbitrage by outsourcing:  1) App developments, 2) program management and 3) managed IT services to Sri Lanka.

Further BDO Sri Lanka has obtained brand rights and implementation partnerships of third-party cost-effective IT products that had been already developed and implemented especially in the banking and finance sector.


1. App Developments

We have a team of Software Architects with experience in front end and back end technologies, Quality Assurance Professionals, Business Analysts with industry experience, IT/Infrastructure Services and DevOps and Change Management Experts who could provide valuable inputs to required App developments.


Our Digital Profiles and Competencies

a. Tech Leads, Senior Software Engineers / Software Engineers

Well experienced professionals with diverse skills, with exposure to business domains such as FinTech, retail business, construction and others, available to work on outsourced, offshore basis. The technology stack used by these experts is summarized below:

Languages: C, Java, NodeJs

Frameworks: .net, .net Core

Front end: Java script, Angular, ReactJS, KnockoutJS, Jquery, CSS, HTML5, WPF

Databases: MSSQL, Cosmos, EF Core, ADO.Net

Mobile platforms: Kotlin, Objective C, Flutter, React Native, Java

Azure cloud: App service, Functions, Storage,  Container service

DevOps: GIT, TFS,CI,CD, ARM templates, Docker, Azure, Kubernetes


b. Software Architects (Back-End technologies)

Seasoned software professionals with over 12 years of experience in widespread technical exposure working with international customers in the USA, EMEA, UK. They are also experienced in various business domains including FinTech.

These individuals have expertise in formulating companies’ strategies for using technological resources, ensuring technologies are used efficiently, profitably, and securely, and evaluating and implementing new systems and infrastructure for company.

Tech stack: Java, AppServers (JBoss EAP, Wildfly, Websphere, Glassfish), Web Servers (Jetty, Tomcat, Undertow), Web Frameworks (Dropwizard, Springboot, Quarkus, Helidon), Akka, Socket Frameworks (Mina, Netty), React, React Native, Docker, AWS, Database (MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB)


c. Software Architects (Front-End Technologies)

Seasoned software professionals with 15+ years of experience in building enterprise software solutions with web technologies. They have exposure in working with international customers across USA, EMEA, and India. Experience and sound knowledge in implementing solutions for healthcare, apparel, Fin-Tech solutions (Capital Markets, Banking) and travel tourism sectors.

Expertise in building secure software solutions:

Secure cording, security verification with Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) tools, also security certification of solution, collaboration with Rapid7 ( services.

Formulate strategies for using technological resources, ensuring technologies are used efficiently, profitably, and securely, and evaluating and implementing new systems and infrastructure for companies.

Tech Stack:

Web and Mobile Technologies: Java J2SE, PHP, Node JS, Apache MQ, MySQL DB, Mirth Connect, MongoDB, ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC & SPA, HTML5 + Java Scripts, Angular JS, Kendo UI, WCF, Web API, Entity Framework, .NET WPF/WinForms, IONIC framework, MS SQL SSRS, SSIS.

Web Services: .Net WCF, Web API, Google Firebase

Middleware: IIS, MSMQ, Active MQ, Mirth Connect


d. Software Engineering

Experienced software engineering professionals from engineer to senor tech lead level up to 15+ years of experience on a wide spectrum of domains including FinTech.

Tech stack: Java, Springboot, JavaScript (NodeJS, TypeScript), Docker, Selenium (Test Automation), Micro Service Architecture, REST WebServices, AWS, Database (MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB), Version Control (GIT)


e. Project Management Professionals

Very experienced and certified project managers and scrum practitioners with international exposure.


f. Business Analysts

Highly experienced business analysts from 1 to 10 years of experience in wide range of business domains such as FinTech (Capital Markets, Banking, Supply Chain), eCommerce, NFT.


g. QA Professionals

Highly experienced Quality Assurance professionals from 1 to 15 years of experience range on both automated QA testing and manual testing. Specialized in organizing and setting up QA practice in the organization.

The Tech stack used by these professionals is as follows:

Selenium, Java, JavaScript, SQL, JMeter.

Tech stack: Selenium, Java, Javascript, sql, Tools (TestComplete, JMeter, Cucumber), JBehave & JGiven for Behavior Driven Development-BDD


h. IT/Infrastructure Services and DevOps

Experienced IT professionals with various level of experience from engineers to IT Manager with international exposure.

AWS/Cloud Specialists (Fargate, EC2, Lambda, RDS), CI/CD Tools (Jenkins, Circle CI, Bamboo, Test Link, SonarQube, Chef) Cloud Formation, Terra Form, Linux Administration, Scripting (Python, Shell, bash), Version Control (GIT, bitbucket)


Service Operation and continual service improvement. ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management principles. Domain Knowledge in Capital Markets, Stock Exchange, and social media marketing.


2. Program Management 

Program managers at BDO Sr Lanka have experience overseeing projects of varying scopes across multiple industries. We understand the questions that need to be asked, and guide clients on the real-world challenges of scope, cost, and timing. On all engagements, the expectation is for our professionals to adapt to the needs of the client, not the other way around.


3. Managed IT Solutions 

BDO Digital’s Managed IT Services team is comprised of specialists in cloud/on-site/hybrid environments, data analytics, application development, security, user-enablement, and more, who work to understand business goals, and then develop tech-enabled strategies to meet them. We minimize disruption to business operations and end-user processes, and strive to future-proof IT services, helping to both mitigate risk and optimize efficiency, agility, productivity, and security.

a. Managed service desk

Your business cannot function without your critical IT systems. Get the consistent and reliable support your business needs with BDO Digital's Service Desk. Prevent costly downtime with 24x7x365 IT support coverage, access a wide array of proven experts and let BDO Digital give you piece of mind while your internal IT team focuses on driving strategy and innovation.


b. Managed security services

For organizations in both the public and private sectors, cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Many companies are choosing to invest in outsourcing their required information security services to a highly qualified Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), which offers a high level of security, substantial cost savings, and the freedom to concentrate on growing their business.


c. Managed DBA

Many mid-market companies don’t need or can’t justify the expense of a full-time SQL DBA—that’s why BDO Digital offers a virtual DBA solution to complement your internal IT team’s need for SQL expertise to help improve processing and implement best practices for your SQLdatabases.


4. Our Products 

BDO Sri Lanka has the brand rights and also implementation partnerships for following products that had been developed by third party companies in Sri Lanka.

a. Core Banking Solution

A comprehensive, all-inclusive software solution built to empower small to more complex microfinance institutions, development banks, credit unions, savings banks and commercial banks. Designed and developed by industry specialists using current technologies and adhering to accepted security standards. This solution offers a user organization the opportunity to create new distribution channels and innovative products, with cost effective service delivery.

This is available on cloud as a SaaS solution and may be implemented on both on-premises and on cloud. This solution is designed to help Banks and Finance Institutions at various stages in their business journey to adopt technological solutions that will significantly boost their capabilities to meet customer expectations while managing increasingly complex regulatory and compliance requirements. This was conceptualized as a solution to meet the growing needs of the digital customer.




b. Field Agent Mobile App

The Field Agent mobile application, enables officers of banking and finance institutions to reach out to customers at their locations and carry out activities such as customer on-boarding, account creation, loan disbursements, collections, deposit taking and balance enquiry. This has been built with highest security standards and offers online and offline transaction capabilities. The app is unparalleled with the extent of features available to empower a field agent / officer.


c. Neo Banking and Wallet Solution

This Neo Banking application has been designed for the next generation of banking. This app provides a user the ability to connect to a bank to carry out most of their transactional needs without having to visit a physical bank / branch.

This solution also enables a financial institution to reach out to the under-banked and unbanked masses, and also people in urban areas who would prefer the convenience of online banking. The design and the development of the solution greatly simplifies the banking experience of the user while offering versatile functionality. Salient features of the app include,

  • Ability to maintain any type of bank account: Savings, Current, Term accounts, Loan accounts, Wallet accounts.
  • Fast account opening facility
  • Digital wallet and instant payments
  • Various methods for calculation of credit interest / debit interest and also for interest capitalization.
  • Payment facility with QR code
  • Card management
  • Cross currency transactions
  • Budgeting for spending
  • Facility to hold different wallet accounts in multiple currencies
  • Instant fund transfers
  • Agent management facility
  • Merchant management facility
  • Embedded general ledger (in line with our one solution strategy)
  • Web and mobile app for agents and merchants
  • Ability to maintain and execute merchant transactions
  • Best-of-class security features
  • Live chat feature (so that users would have instant access to ‘in-app’ support whenever they need
  • Artificial Intelligence alerts


d. Money Remittance solution

This is a process-driven solution to automate the operations of a money remittance business, with a unique blend of technology and processes. Among diverse use cases supported, this solution offers expatriate employees a facility to transfer money to their home country. This could also be used as a platform for domestic payments by people, businesses and governments.

The solution provides facilities for a money remittance organization to manage relationships with multiple money remittance services, exchange companies, banks, payout partners and franchises and customers. This solution also enables regulatory compliance, offering features such as KYC and AML.


e. Gold Loans Solution

A comprehensive solution to facilitate the operations of an organization in Gold Loan (pawning) business. This comprehensive solution automates mundane business operations while providing deep business insights, and statistical / analytical reports. Salient features of this solution include the following:

  • Loan creation, renewal, redemption
  • Recoveries
  • Auctions
  • Reports, enquiries, dashboards
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Administration functions including customer and user management
  • Interface with the organization’s General Ledger
  • Stringent security and controls



f. Order Management Solution

This helps retail organization to plan and manage the flow of products from suppliers to shelf. It supports all functions of a modern-day retail operation. Such features include:

  • Warehouse replenishment from suppliers for flows such as cross docking, pick-by-line, and conventional stocking.
  • Store (outlet) replenishment from a warehouse and direct suppliers, including the following features:
    • One-touch replenishment from delivery straight to shelf
    • Tracking tools that identify changes in customer demand and trigger rapid responses
    • Planning tools that eliminate manual intervention when raising orders
  • Daily forecasting of sales and demand
  • Management by exception and the ability to identify problems easily
  • Dynamic safety stock calculations that reflect the characteristics of products
  • Ordering features that help minimize stockholding without impacting service levels
  • Promotions management
  • New line launches
  • Seasonal planning
  • Performance and exception reporting


g. Workflow Management Solution

This is a comprehensive tool that enables people and processes to operate in a smooth logical flow. This product could work alongside and add value to third-party solutions such as core banking systems and ERP solutions. An example use case is the automation of the flow among all stages of a lending process, from loan application creation to fund disbursement. This solution addresses the growing demand for rationalization of interactions among people and processes.


h. Truck booking and Fleet Management solution

This is a truck booking and fleet management solution that facilitates interactions and transactions among trucking service providers, their clients and truck owners. Conceptualized by industry professionals and developed by software experts, the solution provides unparalleled logistics support to businesses. This innovative platform delivers greater opportunities, productivity, transparency, safety and flexibility to its users. Also this solution includes a tariff template which ensures 99.9% accuracy in cost calculations. This feature has been developed after considerable research on the relationships among the factors of distance, vehicle category and fuel consumption.


i. Taxi Booking Solution

An integrated ride-hailing software solution that facilitates real-time interactions between a customer and a taxi management company and also between drivers and the company. This comprehensive taxi booking solution includes a driver app, a passenger app and a comprehensive administration portal. The solution allows maintenance of relevant information pertaining to drivers, vehicles, and passengers. The solution is available for both on-premises and cloud deployment and is currently available for Android and iOS platforms. This flexible application that provides a customer a convenient and hassle-free experience and the ability to make travel plans on-demand or on pre-scheduled basis.


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