Taxation is the price that we pay for the country that we want. However, in complying with tax laws, a taxpayer is required to have special knowledge about the law and where the law is silent he is then required to exercise judgment. At BDO tax, this is what we do. This is what we know.

Our services are not limited to preparing tax Returns and meeting deadlines. At BDO Tax we are always thinking of new ways to minimize the tax burden of our clients through effective tax planning and compliance. Our objective is to align the tax costs in such a way to help our clients to meet their financial goals within the framework of the law.

We can assist you to compute your tax liability based on prevailing laws and apply these provisions of the law to your best advantage. We constantly update our people on the changes that are made in revenue laws and pay close attention to how these changes can help our clients.

BDO Tax team is involved in computing taxes for a numerous clients across many industry sectors and we work with multinational corporations, companies, associations and individuals to optimize their tax costs. The services we provide include;

  • Direct tax compliance

    • Corporate direct tax compliance

    • Non corporate direct tax compliance

    • Individual direct tax compliance

  • Indirect tax compliance


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