Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Audit

Many business processes are designed to minimize or eliminate the risks involved in doing business. Sometimes however, taking certain risks may be lead to greater profitability and success. Therefore, it is crucial to assess the risks that are involved and then make a calculated decision based on the risks identified. This requires developing a comprehensive mechanism for risk assessment and management.

Our team of professionals assists clients to identify, assess and respond to risks in a proactive and efficient manner. Our services are tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements based on the operational, financial and regulatory environment in which the client is operating in.

As the regulators continue to increase the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Audit committee, there is greater reliance on the internal audit function to highlight any risks that need to be addressed on a timely and effective manner.

Our internal audit efforts go beyond being merely being a fact finding mission but are focused on re-inventing the role of the internal audit to transform the process into a means of driving and creating value throughout the entire organization. The services we provide include;

  • Enterprises risk management (ERM)
  • Financial and operational audits
  • Quality assurance reviews
  • Risk assessments
  • Controls optimization
  • Internal audit transformation
  • Strategic partnering and staffing
  • Procurement, vendor, royalty and construction audits
  • Fraud awareness and prevention
  • Corporate governance assessment

Work with our experienced team to achieve results at every stage