What makes a perfect marketer?

It really is not simple. Various types of marketing personalities use various types of marketing tools and tactics to be differentiated in the market. The level of involvement in their businesses as a whole is very important and the level of involvement outside the business is also equally critical. But in a nutshell, for you to be a perfect marketer you need to have a huge involvement in the wider world and most importantly you need to step outside from any narrow/definition of marketing. You need to break the boundaries beyond expectation in a productive manner for you to create your own personal brand.

It involves doing lots of research, more than our usual role requires. We must be fully read, exposed, interested, involved in social activities, be a volunteer, take leadership roles, talk to people, and be familiar with what is going on, in and around the world, for us to acquire the high ground. Sounds exhausting! Isn’t it? Exactly! You need to be exhausted to be successful. Rather than being exhausted, you need to feed knowledge and exposure for your future. You need to push yourself beyond the boundaries. And most importantly, you must be incredibly passionate about what you do. Because your psychology goes a long way in your career. You need to be solid with it. Therefore, here are some crucial traits we all need to master for us to be perfect marketers.

  1. Extremely curious – Marketers need to know about everything and everyone in and around them. A sound marketer will always have more questions in their head than anyone else.
  2. A remarkable observer – A great marketer would love to observe people’s behavior about what makes them feel special, what makes them feel relaxed, what makes them fall in love with a product etc.
  3. Try something new – The more curious a marketer is about things, the more he will try new things. He seeks challenges, he would not run away from them. It is exciting to try something new in a marketer’s life
  4. The obedient student – A great marketer would always go the extra mile to learn something new. He would spend a significant amount of his personal time on professional development. He would do lots of research, reading, networking, and advancing skills.
  5. Good planner and better implementer – He always prepares himself before starting anything - especially before a marketing campaign. And then determines to nail it down to the pinpoint.
  6. Better instincts – Marketers are known as better strategists and they love to play chess. He always thinks two moves ahead. A great marketer can spot a red flag far away and tell you what to expect.
  7. Influential communicators – He masters the art of communicating effectively because he needs to make sure his created content must reach the target audience effectively.

A marketer needs to be “curious” about everything in order to be successful in their professional careers. Because they say marketers need to ‘Know Your Customer (KYC)’. So how you are going to know about your customer/client without being curious about. As I mentioned above, it is not simple but it is absolutely doable if you are passionate about it.