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  • Do we really need an office now?

Do we really need an office now?

27 January 2021

Dinusha Rajapakse , Associate Director - Tax Services |

Post the global pandemic, this is a question that everyone is asking. Most companies have realized that they can be as functional and effective with their workforce working from home, that the need for office space is in question. We saw companies like twitter announcing that they will have work from home option for their employees even after the end of the risk of COVID-19. However, the issue is can we completely do away with the office?

Human beings are social animals. We are wired to live in groups and work together in groups. It is crucial that we collaborate in the same room physically for us to engage in brainstorming, to innovate, to motivate. We need other people around us telling us that our ideas are not going to work or that they see certain loopholes in what we propose. Different people from different divisions need to collaborate to get a project off the ground and to ensure that everyone knows what their role is. A virtual platform facilitates communication, but it does not always transmit the emotions, the energy, the enthusiasm, the passion behind a certain idea.

We also need our colleagues and friends to go to lunch with in the afternoon. This is how we build relationships. This is where we share our personal stories, which help us to bond with others more deeply. Relationships among people are very important for the success of any business. Face to face interactions help us gather more subtle information about people that cannot be captured via a virtual call. We need this physical interaction to connect and bond at a deeper level.

Therefore, an office space is vital for any business and it is definitely not the end of the office building. However, we are now in a position to offer the employees more options about how they would like to work. On a given day, if an employee wakes up in the morning and feels he does not want to go into office, he should have the option of calling in and say that he will be working from home. What we need to promote is a more fluid working environment, which allows the employees more flexibility. This will make the employees more motivated that they are in fact having the power to decide how they work and builds a certain level of trust between the employer and employee that the organization is confident that he will still get the job done. This flexibility will allow for work life balance and better productivity among the employees.

Therefore, in my view it is not the end of the office but rather an eye-opener that employees can work from anywhere to ensure that the objectives of the organization is met!!!