BDO Sri Lanka’s Pursuit of Sustainability through Technology

We are all responsible for the sustainability of our planet. This responsibility does not alter due to our role within our immediate, broader, and global business activities. ‘Shared value’ is a continuous pursuit. Today, businesses must maximise their positive impact on the social and environmental systems in which they operate. Hence, the development of coherent CSR strategies becomes essential.

BDO Sri Lanka has taken a positive stance in contributing towards the sustainable development goals agenda 2030. We continuously engage with SMEs and large corporates to re-look at their business models and positively improve their processes. We are motivated by the learnings derived through engaging in the circular economy. Wherever it is possible, we have maximised systems and resource usage to be restorative and regenerative. Through resource decoupling, BDO Sri Lanka has assisted many companies in starting their journey towards organisational sustainability and have decided to promote technology that is both facilitators of circular economy and resource decoupling.  

We have identified technology solutions that contribute on promoting sustainability and maximising the economic outcome for any organisation. These technology solutions are sustainable by their design and throughout the development and delivery. Further, by promoting these products, BDO Sri Lanka thus actively participates in the shared knowledge economy. We strongly believe these future proof technologies that we are promoting can either fit in neatly within existing business models or assist in developing new business models for businesses. We are confident that these systems will deliver environmental benefits that support a business’s operations across the value chain, often improving efficiency and effectiveness. Thus they may increase revenue, decrease costs, or both. Some business model outcomes may reduce resource use, waste, or emissions, which may, in turn, reduce costs and improve investments in employee working conditions, health care, or education. Further, improve the broader inclusion of people to financial systems and value chains. That would lead to enhancing productivity, retention, and company reputation. Altogether, a connected platform of responsibility and doing the right thing for the future of people and the planet.  

BDO Sri Lanka has ventured into FinTech Solutions, ODOO ERP solution that can be especially catered to mid to large manufacturing companies and BI solutions. Further, BDO is geared to provide bespoke IT solutions and resource augmentations by integrating with Global IT value chains.  BDO Partners is passionate and committed to develop and nurture local industries by providing them with cost effective technology solutions.