Hasanthi Amarakoon

Partner – Audit and Assurance




Executive Summary

Hasanthi Amarakoon is a Partner of BDO Partners in Audit & Assurance. Hasanthi has a long successful career at BDO for over 12 years.


Her background of experience in the audit service for over 10 years as a Manager of BDO Partners encompasses expertise in Audit and Assurance Services in a wide spread area covering a range of industries spreading from banks (Peoples’ Bank and Bank of Ceylon), finance institutions, plantations, general trading, apparel industry, real estate and hotels to name a few.  


She was involved in the external audits of licensed commercial banks and financial institutions at different professional levels in her professional career. Hasanthi’s competence and dedication to her career is evidenced by her success of initiating work as an Audit Senior of the Statutory Audit of People’s Bank around 2003 and to climb the corporate ladder in a short time as three years to become the Engagement Manager of the client by 2006.  She has mastered the accounting standards as they evolve through the years where she handles audit based on SLFRS or SLFRS for SME’s. Hasanthi also has the international recognition where she has acted as the Manager for several foreign referral audits introduced by BDO International.  


Her strengths to perform referral audits were derived from the diversified conglomerates audits which came under Hasanthi’s purview. The diversity of the experience she obtained from them was an asset to assist in her role as the panel of markers in the Annual Report Awards for 2014.


The many years of worthy experience has now equipped her with the understanding to handle the Human Capital of BDO Partners.


Areas of expertise

  • Statutory Audit

  • GAAP Transations

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • IFRS Advisory

  • Internal Control & Corporate Governance


Professional Affiliations

  • Associate Member - Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka

  • Associate Member - Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka



  • ACA

  • ACMA

Community Involvement